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How to Style Yeezys: 4 Ways to Wear All Your Favorite Yeezy Sneakers

Show your Yeezys some love this season. Don't stop at care and maintenance; pull the trigger and shop for sneakerhead clothing. That's right. Create looks that'll do right by the comfy but uber-stylish shoes, coveted by sneakerheads everywhere.

Preservation, as explained in this blog post by SNKADX, is crucial when you come to own a pair of shoes this special. However, fashion is a close second. Traditionally, sneakers have been shoes that were meant to get dirty. Nowadays, sneakers are designed not only by athletes but also by fashion icons and high-end designers. Their shift into the world of luxury and couture has affected the way they're worn.

As a result, sneakerhead clothing has become an important part of styling them. However, if you're looking to do it right, it's not enough to simply shop for clothing to match Yeezys. It's a good start, but you also need to be able to style them well enough to show the world exactly what it is about Yeezys that makes them worth dressing up or down for.

However, if you choose to fit your to-die-for sneakers into your look, make sure you make the look your own. You might follow fashion trends, but that doesn't mean you can't weave your style in. If you don't want to take away from the look, use your hair or your accessories. There are plenty of ways to subtly express yourself.

Here are a few looks you could start with to wear your shoes, and your style with:

Like the Man Himself

Kanye, or Ye West, the creator and original designer of Yeezys, is quite the style icon himself. So when it comes to being fashionable in these sneakers, you have some big shoes to fill (no pun intended). But if imitation really is the highest form of flattery, then pay a compliment and some well-deserved homage to the artist across mediums.

To do that, start with a simple, oversized sneaker match tee. Add in a pair of loose-fitting straight-cut blue jeans and socks in the same colors as your Yeezys.  Keep the accessories to a minimum, but if you're looking for a way to make the look your own, slap on a camo fanny pack and perfect the balance between fashion and functionality.

For the finishing touch, add a pair of black-rimmed wayfarer sunglasses.


The Athleisure Look

These shoes are great for running and gyming in, but considering how precious they are to those lucky enough to own them, they're not usually used as such. That doesn't mean you can't rock an athleisure look. Here we're going for one color almost all over. Pull out your favorite sneaker match sweatshirt and the shoes that go with it. Then pair them with bike shorts in the same shades.

A baseball cap and some relaxed sports socks will finish the look. That's right, no accessories! The great thing about this fit is that it really is simple but purposeful nonetheless. Lounge about at home, or walk down to brunch. This looks great for daily wear, and if you change it up enough, it won't get old. Once you get used to it, you won't be able to stop shopping for sneaker hoodies for women.

If you're feeling extra, finish it with neon-rimmed square sunglasses.

Model wearing sneaker match clothing for women

Go Baggy

This look is all about committing to comfort. When you shop for sneakerhead clothing, look for a long-sleeved tee. Order it in a size that's just a little bit large for you, and pair it with some baggy sweats. Instead of rolling up the sleeves or the bottoms, let them gather around your ankles and wrists. Now don't be fooled by the loose-fitting clothes, this look can be dressed up or dressed down.

If you're headed somewhere the Yeezys and sneakerhead clothing won't cut it, here's what to do. Work in a chunky belt in a contrasting color. Depending on what you're working with, go for neon or metallic. We don't recommend you add in jewelry, but if you do, be careful not to disbalance the oversized look. Go with a single chain or a statement ring.

We love this look with retro-skinny sunglasses.

Man wearing black clothing to match Yeezys

Sleek, Chic, and Casual

Here's one that'll have you mistaken for a catwalk escapee if done right. Search online for sneakers and sweatshirts for men and women to match your chosen pair, and make sure you find one that has the color scheme down to a T. For bottoms, go with well-fitting skinny jeans or slim-cut sweatpants, but in a solid color that matches the background of your sweatshirt.

If you go the sweatpants route, choose long socks, but for skinny jeans, definitely go with ankle socks. If you've got long hair, put it up in a neat, high ponytail. For hair that ends above the shoulders, slick it back. However, this look does call for one statement accessory. If jazzing up your hair is something you're into, add in a loud hair band or bandana. If not, go with an eye-catching, cross-body bag.

We recommend round, silver-rimmed sunglasses for this look.

Model wearing sneaker match clothing for men

All of the above will definitely get you in with the most fashionable of sneakerheads. Then again, that doesn't mean there aren't more looks you can whip up by mixing and matching clothing to match Yeezys. SNKADX is a great source for sneaker match tees for men and women. We've got our collection organized by shoe, so whether you're curating particular sneakers or just prepping for upcoming sneaker release dates, we've got you covered. Browse our collection and see for yourself!

We'll have you serving looks in Jordan match T-shirts or Nike Dunk matching outfits. To get in touch, drop us an email at We love hearing from the fans and the pioneers about how you wear your sneakers.


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