About Us

Based in Chicago, IL 

SNKADX was started with the idea to bring fun, pride and self-expression through fashion. Ever since I was a child I had a love for sneakers that included Nike's and Air Jordans and believed that sneakers are best when paired with a garment to match. I began sketching shoes and clothing items with the dream that one day they would be released for the world to wear. More recently I was inspired to bring this dream to reality. After planning, sketching, designing mockups, and creating samples SNKADX was born. I began selling sneaker match clothing on Etsy and wanted a way to showcase the brand to more sneaker lovers so I started my own website.
My mission at SNKADX is to provide an opportunity for individuals to express themselves through fashion. I want my designs to connect with consumers and to compliment your favorite sneakers. I believe that everyone has a voice to be heard so why not express it through fashion. This is a brand that is Inspired By The Sneakerheads
My hope is that my products will bring happiness, a sense of pride, and above all unique style to your everyday life as you chill, work or play. I want to thank you for taking a moment to check out my site and hope that there is something in my offerings to showcase your uniqueness.
*Please note, we are not affiliated with the Nike, Jordan or Adidas brands.*


Thank you so much for checking out my website and supporting small business! Your support means the world. Welcome to the SNKADX family! - Brannon