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Are you sick and tired of forever having to match your hoodies to your sneakers, outerwear, and bottoms? That makes two of us. Our founder had the same problem, and they decided to address at least one of those three problems by creating SNKADX.

Peruse our sneaker hoodie collection and see if any of the sneaker hoodies on it match your Nike, Air Jordan, or Yeezy sneakers. Spoiler alert: they probably do. Match hoodies for men and women with your favorite sneakers and make yourself look casual or informal or somewhere in between through your bottoms.

Wear your brand-new sneaker hoodies with corduroy trousers, twill chinos, wide-legged slacks, drawstring trousers, slim fit joggers, cropped trousers, sweatpants, and any number of other bottoms. Make sure you’re dressed for the occasion or non-occasion by selecting them wising.

Leave your sneaker hoodies to us by picking one for your sneakers. Yes, it’s just that simple.