It’s important to clean the shoe's surface if you want to store them long-term.

The Best Way to Preserve Your Sneaker Investment

If your sneaker collection has outgrown your short-term storage, it’s time to spruce up the interiors to give your kicks the love, care, and space they deserve. Long-term storage means taking extra precautions against pests, mildew, and heat damage. Here are the best methods for preserving your sneakers:

Preparing Your Sneakers for Storage

Start by sorting your sneakers into similar groupings; for example, sneakers for indulging in sports, sneakers for night outs, sneakers for a rainy day, sneakers that match clothing, etc. Clean the sneakers from the inside out thoroughly to remove any external particles on the surface. Remove its laces and condition your leather sneakers to prevent them from becoming brittle and cracking.

Packing Your Sneakers in Shoeboxes

Now that your shoes are nice, clean, and dry, it’s time to toss them into a box when aiming to store them for a prolonged duration. You have three options to choose from:

1. Store Your Sneakers in Their Original Shoe Box

You asked for cheap, and there you have it; the cardboard box that your sneakers initially arrived in is the most affordable form of shoe storage. They stack on top of the other, uniformly and firmly, making it easy to find which pair you’re looking for. However, the cardboard box can get flimsy over time, allowing pests and rodents to infiltrate easily. The arid conditions created may also dry the shoes out, causing them to become brittle at the surface.

2. Store Your Sneakers in a Stackable Plastic Box

These stackable boxes can stack pretty high, and they’re pretty sturdy too. The clear box will allow you to peep in to effortlessly spot your favorite pair of sneakers. Unfortunately, plastic storage shoeboxes with a tight locking lid can trap moisture — you’ll have to put silica gel packets inside the box to soak up the moisture.

3. Store Your Sneakers in a Show Organizer

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Stand-up organizers are a sneaker investors go to since they make the shoes incredibly accessible. You can find one that fits the space and size you need to fill easily. If you don’t want the shoe organizer to take up too much floor space, pick one that hangs over the surface. Throw an extra plastic film coating if you’re afraid the sneakers will collect dust on display.

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