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Top 7 Ways to Elevate Your Air Jordan Outfits

Only a few other sneakers can match the reputation of the Air Jordan 1, which has become coveted by celebrities and youngsters worldwide. The Air Jordan 1 has been intertwined with the fashion industry ever since its release in 1985. However, with the various clothing items available, it can be challenging to pick the right clothes to go with your sneakers.

Styling Air Jordan outfits can be tough. However, you can wear your favorite sneakers the right way with our help. Continue reading this blog as we discuss some tips to help you elevate your Air Jordan outfits.

1. Enjoy Air Jordans with Regular Trousers

You might have noticed various individuals walking around with their jeans stuffed in their Jordans, but that doesn’t mean you should follow suit. Some Air Jordan pairs can overpower your outfit. Therefore, avoid wearing skinny jeans and try out regular trousers to balance your overall look.

2. Opt for the Right Shorts

We understand your temptation to show off your Air Jordans by wearing shorts. However, wearing the right shorts is crucial to mastering this look. While some people believe Jordans and shorts don’t go well together, it’s not entirely true. Instead of pairing your sneakers with shorts that are either too skinny or fall below your knees. Try to assemble your outfit by wearing above-knee shorts.

3. Experiment with Textured TrousersA man wearing textured trousers, walking on the footpath.

Corduroy or distressed jeans look great when combined with Air Jordans. However, if you don’t want your sneakers to take away all the attention, opt for some textured trousers instead. Textured trousers highlight your sneakers while making you look noticeably well-dressed.

4. Wear Baggy Tops

Air Jordans are bulky and can make your feet appear oversized. Therefore, opt for baggy and oversized tops to balance out your look. You can also try layering your clothes on a cooler day to compliment your sneakers.

5.  Elevate Your Sneakers with the Right Socks

Pay attention to the socks if you wish to highlight your Air Jordans. Wear socks that compliment one of the colors in your sneakers. Try matching them with the color of your sneaker’s tongue to make their color pop out prominently.

6. Men’s Air Jordan 1

Men who own Air Jordan 1 can look up to Kanye West to create the perfect style. Jeans with Jordans is a classic pick for men that can be matched with a plain black t-shirt and a statement jacket.

7. Women’s Air Jordan 1

Fashion for women differs slightly from men’s. Women can pair their Air Jordans with off-shoulder jackets and skinny jeans to master the female streetwear.

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