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Top 5 Shoe Trends We're Eyeing For 2022

Spring is here, and if you've been thinking about how to incorporate the important fashion trends of 2022 into your capsule wardrobe, it's time to think about the latest fashion footwear as well. With spring here, it's finally time to put away your winter boots, the ideal season for footwear. To figure out what's worth keeping and what isn't, as well as which trends should be on everybody's wishlist this year, here's a brief guide:

All The Feels: Block Heels

With some sky-high platform heels, you can truly take your feet to new heights. Thanks to the block heel, we're finally ready to dress up again.

Different block heel shoes

We can certainly feel the '90s inspiration shining through with massive block heels and bright platforms. The block sole makes it easier to wear than a stiletto one.

Sandals: Ultimate Summer Footwear

Our adoration for the comfortable sandal shows no signs of waning. Sporty sandals are grabbing the show again, and who can blame us when this shoe style is stylish and functional? The athleisure trend is still going strong, and sporty sandals are expected to be big in spring. These sandals epitomize our desire for both design and comfort, thanks to their chunky soles, very comfortable neoprene fabric, and practical straps.

Everyone Drools For Mules

Mules have been ingrained in our spring wardrobes for the past few seasons, thanks to Bottega Veneta's quilted design, and the '90s-inspired design is still running great in 2022. This year's version features a fun twist—from animal designs to glittering details—defined by one simple strap and a minimal heel. These mules can be simply slid on and off as you rush in and out of the door because they don't have any fussy fastenings or laces.

Sneakers: An Evergreen Footwear

You'd think we'd have outgrown the throwback-sneaker obsession by now, but we're still obsessed with them! Without a couple of good pairs of sneakers, your footwear selection is incomplete.

Everybody adores excellent pairs of loafers and boots, but it's the trusty trainers that we go for the most because they're so comfortable, cool, and easy to wear. This style guide wouldn't be complete without a mention of retro-inspired sneakers. Whether it's the '90s throwbacks or something more retro in general.

Pumps: Comfort And Style

The simple pump, which has just made a reappearance, is on the other end of the heel spectrum. With the early 2000s set to be a big trend in 2022, it's no wonder that the pumps have made a comeback, especially because it's so comfortable, like slipping into your favorite pair of flats!

Pumps are timeless and chic, and they go with everything from jeans to skirts.

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