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Top 3 spring 2022 Shoe Trends to Shop Now

Did you know the streetwear movement has become a global market with 185 billion in sales? The thing about a pair of sneakers is that you see it, you like it, and then you want it — but what about you getting it? We’ll give you a breakdown of what’s trending in the spring of 2022 so you can shop for just that!

This is a guide about the best of footwear in terms of versatility, style, comfort, support, and breathability — i.e., sneakers.

A collection of sneakers from Nike

1. The White Sneakers

If you don’t have them already, you’re way back in the game — a pair of casual white sneakers is everything a person needs for completing their wardrobe. Because it’s always in demand, it’s very likely you’ll see several fresh versions of this sneaker type from different footwear brands throughout the year.

There’s no denying that bright colored sneakers are cool, which is why it’s totally allowed to introduce a hint of colorful accents to your plain white sneakers. Restricting to one color will allow your kicks to retain a fresh and minimalistic look.

2. The Platform Sneakers

We know the ladies thanked the platform sneakers for helping them escape the painful pleasure of heels and boots. These sneakers have a fairly elevated sole, but not anything that gets you wobbling — it’s just about right for adding in an inch or two. 2022 is welcoming platform sneakers with a sporty look to make it easier for you walk in them all day.

If you’re looking to make a fashion statement, you can go in with multicolored platform sneakers that feature some bold color blocking to compliment your neutral outfit.

3. The Inspired By Retro Sneakers

Retro-inspired sneakers are the best kind making a comeback this spring after being called all things cheesy. Think of the kicks people owned during the ‘90s or try feeling the old-school vibe when hunting for these sneakers. What do you know, you might just come across some Velcro sneakers! But don’t worry, these aren’t your average grade school kicks — in fact, they’re functional, cool, and will make you get rid of laces for good!

Search the web for retro-inspired performance sneakers if you’re a fan of wearing athletic sneakers outside of the gym.

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