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Tips To Wear Sneakers and Look Fashionable

Global sneaker sales amounted to a staggering $79 billion in 2020. It’s a huge industry that continues to grow at a rapid pace. Sneakers continue to serve men and women who wish to make a unique style statement. They are an all-purpose item that you can wear on almost any occasion. Whether you’re at a workplace, going out for a walk, or working out in the gym, sneakers work everywhere. While many people try out new looks and styles to match their sneakers, others fear being “too casual.” If you think sneakers are low-key, think again! Continue reading this blog to learn how to wear sneakers and look fashionable.

1. Buy Sneaker Match Clothing 

One way to look fashionable when wearing sneakers is by pairing them with matching hoodies, tees, and shirts. At SNKADX, we offer a range of sneaker matching clothes for men and women. Shoes that complement your wardrobe help you stand out in the crowd and make a unique style statement everywhere you go!

2. Keep Them Clean

Trendy white sneakers may go well with every outfit, but they can get dirty easily. Regardless of how cool your sneakers look, keeping them clean is essential. Sneaker maintenance includes using sneaker shields and shoe trees, brushing the soles, eliminating odors, and washing the laces.

3.  Basic Sneakers

Basic sneakers are the most versatile shoes you can add to your wardrobe. They go well with chinos, denim, and shorts of any shade and color. Basic sneakers make you look respectable, younger, and relaxed.

4. Luxury Sneakers

A woman wearing luxury sneakers.

While basic sneakers are designed for street casualwear, luxury sneakers can be worn at smart casual meetings and events. You can style your luxury sneakers with chinos, slim denim, tailored trousers, and unstructured suits.

Avoid wearing luxury sneakers with shorts. For a more fashionable look, style them with polo shirts, casual shirts, and plaid t-shirts. You can find casual sneaker match tees at our online shop.

5. Classic Sports Sneakers

The sneaker revolution started with 95s, Jordans, Superstars, etc. What initiated as classic sportswear soon became everyday footwear for all sneakerheads. What’s best is that these colorful sports sneakers never go out of style! Pair your sports sneakers with loose t-shirts, denim jeans, or any casual outerwear.

6. Modern Sport Sneakers

Wear modern sports sneakers with elastic cuff variations or chinos. Avoid loose-fitting denim and stick to casual t-shirts and sportswear.

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