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Tips on Wearing a Hoodie with Style

Hoodies might not be the most fashionable clothing item in your wardrobe, but they are amongst the most practical and comfortable. The cozy and warm garment is a modern streetwear staple that every sneakerhead must own.

Pair your hoodies with the right clothing pieces to create various casual outfits that you can wear at parties, casual meet-ups, and any outdoor event. Here’s how you can style your hoodies to look fashionable.

1. Hoodies and Bomber Jackets

Pair your hoodie with a bomber jacket to create a contemporary urban outfit. This combination might not be a classic one, but it can work well considering the hoodie’s basic style and bomber’s current popularity. Assemble leather-sleeved, wool, or nylon bomber jackets to style a casual urban look.

2. A Layered Look  

Wearing a hoodie isn’t all about making a style statement. Sometimes, it’s more about a person’s preference and comfort. Use your hoodies as a part of a layered look to stay both stylish and comfortable. Wear sneaker matching tees and a hoodie, and layer it with your favorite jacket or overcoat. Complete the look with fresh trainers or slim jeans.


3. Opt for an Athleisure Look

Create an athleisure look to portray coolness and comfort. Choose a black hoodie, minimal leather sneakers, and black fitted joggers to go full athleisure. This fit will make you look cleaner and sharper.

4. Utilize Hoodies with Tailored Items

Try out this high-low combination by styling your hoodies with tailored suits or blazers. Pair your hoodies with sneakers and straight-leg jeans to sharpen this look. You may also layer it with an unstructured outfit for a more traditional style. Choose from white sneakers and charcoal grey suits to meet your expectations of this fashion statement.

A woman wearing a hoodie during the daytime.

5. Sneaker Match Hoodies

Sneaker match clothing is the latest streetwear trend. While many sneakerheads match Air Jordans, Nike, and Yeezys with their t-shirts, you can also try out sneaker match hoodies. Head over to our collections page to get this look today.

6. Other Guidelines

Refer to the guidelines mentioned below to style your hoodies perfectly:

  • Avoid digging out Linkin Park hoodies. It’s not the 2000s, and you’re not a teenager anymore.
  • Opt for pure cotton hoodies for optimum longevity and quality.
  • Look for pullover designs instead of zip-up styles.
  • Look for versatile and timeless designs and colors that compliment your current wardrobe.
  • Avoid wearing hoodies that are too baggy. A well-fitted hoodie is likely to make you look more stylish and sharp.
  • University hoodies shouldn’t be worn unless you’re on campus.
  • Wear a hoodie with tailored separates if you’re above 40. A luxe fabric will make you look considerably grown-up and mature.

The Bottom Line

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