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The Ultimate Summer Style Guide For Men

Now that summer is coming; we can look forward to that well-deserved sunshine, drink bars, and outdoor pleasures. However, just because our clothes peel away in the summer heat doesn't mean a man can't appear attractive while staying cool. But how can you look decent when it's 90 degrees outside, and you're wearing anything other than a t-shirt and shorts?

Choosing The Right Fabric Is The Tactic

Natural fibers over synthetic fibers are a solid general rule for summer fashion for shirt fabrics. Synthetics tend to retain sweat rather than release it quickly, reducing clothing ventilation and sweat dispersal. The fabric's stitch, strength, and cut are important considerations as softer, milder fabrics allow heat to escape. Cotton, on the other hand, is the fabric of choice for practically every element of men's summer fashion.

Furthermore, because of their casual flair and simplicity, linen t-shirts are a summertime must-have.

Pants For Gents

The all-year favorite for nearly any occasion, the chino pant, should fill the role of denim as the must-have pair of pants. Chinos, often made of woven cloth, are a stylish option for a neutral look. Remember how great linen shirts look in summers attire for men? When it relates to pants, this is especially true. Linen pants in wider, spacious cuts are a game-changer because of their comfort and classic design.

Sweat Shorts: A Perfect Summer Staple

When it comes to men's summertime shorts, aim for a good balance between too short and too long. Nothing beats a comfy lightweight pair of sweat shorts for beating the summer heat. Sweat shorts are the trimmed little brother of regular sweatpants. A well-fitting set of sweat shorts makes you comfortable without sacrificing style.

Shoes Get You All The Views

boy wearing white sneaker shoes

You can keep your feet cool while remaining comfortable with our best men's summer shoe selections. To keep your feet clean and comfortable in the summer, opt for light colors and pick cotton or other weaved materials whenever possible. The strong white contrast of minimal white sneakers is also one of the hottest trends.

Moreover, boat shoes have made their way into the fashion world. You should wear shoes that aren't as basic as rubber flip-flops to keep your feet cool while still looking good all over. 

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