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Tank-Over-T Shirt: The Dos And Don'ts

Tank shirts are a summertime must-have. On a hot day, nothing beats a tank top for keeping a person cool. Another thing we adore about them is that they're the ideal layering piece for the entire year.

You've probably noticed the celebrity affair of white t-shirt meets dresses on the streets, and you've probably considered it a thousand times before jumping into layer-land. Who is to blame, after all? This is a very daring trend.

So, how do you look good in a tank top? By remembering the following dos and don'ts:

Dos of Tank Top Over Tshirt

All The Likes For Stripes

Underneath a black slip dress, layer a striped shirt for an edgier look. Alternatively, you can put it over a t-shirt of your choosing. Striped tank tops will look great on both of them.

Sequenced Tank Tops For The Win

Be inventive! For a playful look, wear a sequined tank. There are a lot of sequined-style tanks out there. Please choose the one you like the most and rock it with a t-shirt. With a fun slogan on your tank, you can show your personality.

Choose Loose

Tank tops come in a variety of shapes. It's usually easier to dress a loose tank than a fitted one. Wearing a fitted tank over a t-shirt that already fits is not a good idea.

Bold Makes You Feel Composed

Wear a bold-colored tank top. The most important staples to own are basic tank tops, such as the bold colored and racer neck variants that are now popular.

These were some ways to style the tank top over a t-shirt, but there are some don'ts as well. Let's discuss what the don'ts are.


Pattern Over Pattern: Bad Idea

Wearing a patterned t-shirt with a patterned tank is not a good idea. Before you come off as a lost clown, you need to balance out your appearance. Because the layering effect is already overpowering, you could want to tone it down with the patterns. No one likes to be overdressed.

Turtle-Neck Heck

Under your tank top, avoid wearing a turtleneck. It's pointless to layer a winter outfit with a summer favorite like a tank top. It appears to be unpleasant and overbearing. Yes, there are occasions when more is better, but not this. 

Work Out Tanks Don't Always Workout

Wearing your workout tanks over a t-shirt is not a good idea. The most obvious reason women select tank tops for exercise is sweat. Women sweat just as much as men do, and feeling like your skin is suffocating while working out isn't healthy.

picture displaying black tank top along with weights

It's fine to wear a tank top to the gym, but pairing it with a t-shirt to dress up is a fashion blunder.

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