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Sneaks Of The Week (5/1/2022 - 5/7/2022)

Week 2 for my weekly guide to the hottest sneaker releases. Highlighting the newest sneaker releases from Nike, Jordan and Yeezy and more. At SNKADX we strive to keep up with the latest sneaker releases and design sneaker match outfits to pair with your favorite sneakers. Check out our favorite sneakers for this week (5/1/2022 - 5/7/2022).

Air Jordan 9 Chile Red

The Jordan 9 sneaker has been a fan favorite among sneakerheads and sneaker collectors since its debut in 1993. With many rereleases and variations the Chile Red's add yet another classic to this the AJ9 family. This colorway features Chile Red and Black against the classic design. The red on red combination with black soles are the perfect match which makes this a nominee for Sneaks Of The Week. Check out our latest Air Jordan 9 Chile Red matching shirts to pair with these sneakers. Design features our classic sneaker match designs but this time with a chile pepper pattern to match the hotness of this release.🔥

Nike Air Max 1 Treeline aka Air Max 1 Skunks

The Air Max 1's may be my favorite release from the Air Max collection and this sneaker is definitely worthy of a top pick for this week. The design features military green color nubuck leather above a creamed colored sole to match the tan upper. The purple Nike sign adds a pop to a classic retro sneaker. For this design we incorporated the speckles that are found on the shoe laces and brought them in on our Fresh To The Max and Sneakerhead Stickers shirts pictured below. Click below images for more details on these shirts to match Air Max 1 Treeline. Check out these shirta and more under our Nike Match Clothing collection and by the way we currently provide Free Shipping on all orders.

Hope you enjoyed this week's picks and look forward to future updates. - Brannon


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