Organizing a sneaker collection

Own a Massive Sneaker Collection? Here are 3 Ways to Organize It

Almost all sneakerheads can swear by being obsessed with their sneaker collection. Before you know it, two pairs of sneakers turn into twenty to go with each outfit. But we aren’t here to judge; we’re here to resolve the problem you may be facing because of an erected box tower.

Getting organized is an easy way to take care of your ever-growing sneaker collection. Here are some easy ways to organize it:

1. Don’t Go Overboard

Bringing home a new pair of sneakers is the easy part; it’s sorting and storing them that’s challenging. There’s no one size fits all master plan for setting things up. You’re expected to work with the layout and space you’ve been allotted.

2. Divide and Rule

Next, you want to separate your shoe collection into two: the ones you wear every day and the ones you don’t. The everyday sneakers are bound to see a tough time — their soles will wear down, the leather will crackle and crease, and the midsole will stain. The insides might also develop a stink, but that can be fixed with some foot powder and a handful of dryer sheets. There’s really no point in treating these loyal buds like royalty — it’s the expensive ones you’ve spent time and money tracking down that deserve VIP treatment.

You want to give them their own home that’s dark and cool. Think about installing wall shelves to keep your entire sneaker collection in front of your eyes and keep them from dust bunnies. Since water is the deadliest of enemies that cause your sneakers to crumble, you might want to consider installing a dehumidifier in this space.

3. Box It or Zip It

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If you’re a hoarder, you’ll want to invest in containers rather than keeping your sneakers trapped in their original boxes. A dedicated shoe container prolongs the shoe’s lifespan as it protects them from humidity and air, i.e., elements that can cause damage.

If you aren’t too big on boxes, stack up your sneaker collection in Zip Loc bags. These are perfect for preventing the occurrence of a yellow sole that occurs due to oxidization. Seal it up, but don’t forget to open it every few months to allow your sneakers to breathe.

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