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Matching Shoes to Your Outfit – The Ultimate Guide

Unlike court shoes, high heels, and brogues, sneakers are comfortable and suitable for any event or occasion. The right shoes can make one feel like they’re walking on clouds. Whether you’re at a business party or a seminar, sneakers are a must-have item in your wardrobe to meet your everyday needs.  

According to a survey, global sneaker sales attributed to a staggering amount, i.e. $79 billion a few years ago. The sneaker industry is huge and continues to grow rapidly. Shoes continue to serve women and men, helping them make a unique style statement on almost any occasion. While sneakerheads aren’t afraid of trying out new styles to match their favorite Air Jordans or Nike Dunks, others fear looking rather casual for a formal event. Think again if you believe sneakers are low-key! The right clothing can complement your sneakers and help you stand out in the crowd everywhere you go. Continue reading this blog to learn how to match sneakers with your outfit.

Buy Sneaker Match Clothing 

One way to match your sneakers with your outfits is by shopping for sneaker match tees online. While there are many shops online, not all offer the same standard of services. SNKADX offers a range of sneaker matching clothes for women and men. Review our collection today to match your favorite Yeezys with sweatshirts and hoodies.

Choose Basic Sneakers   

Basic sneakers are versatile because they go well with almost any color, pattern, and design in your wardrobe. You can match basic white or black sneakers with shorts, denim, and chinos of any color and shade. Basic sneakers can make you look younger, fashionable, respectable, and relaxed.

Keep it Simple

Try not to overdo your clothing when matching them with your favorite Jordans or Nike Dunks. Keep your outfit simple, especially if you’re attending a formal business meeting where most are wearing dress shoes. Wear minimal sneakers to create a simple and elegant look.

A man wearing sneaker match tees

Wear Luxury Sneakers

As mentioned earlier, basic sneakers go well with street casualwear. However, luxury sneakers are there for your rescue if your lifestyle requires you to attend frequent formal events and parties. These can be worn at any formal meeting or event and keep you from experiencing the discomfort of wearing high heels or dress shoes. You can pair luxury sneakers with unstructured suits, slim denim, chinos, and tailored trousers.

Wear the Right Trousers

Having the perfect sneakers is not enough. Your look can easily be ruined if you’re wearing the wrong trousers. Consider the cuff width when matching your sneakers with your trousers. A narrow cuff would reveal unnecessarily, whereas a wide cuff will hide most of your sneaker’s beauty.

Consider the Socks

While most people focus on wearing the right t-shirts and sweatshirts when matching their outfits to their sneakers, not many pay attention to their socks. Socks can make or break your overall look. Therefore, consider various sock combinations before matching your clothes with sneakers. For example, wear ankle socks with tennis shoes or thick-knitted socks with sneaker boots.

A man wearing sneaker match socks

Classic Sports Sneakers

Air Jordan 1s, Superstars, etc., are the first few shoes that started the sneaker revolution in the mid-nineteenth century. What originated as classic athlete wear was soon renowned as everyday footwear for all sneakerheads. The best part is that these colorful sneakers are almost always in style! Thus, match your sports sneakers with denim jeans, loose t-shirts, or any casual outerwear to look fashionable and classy.

Strike the Right Balance

Balancing your overall attire is crucial when finding sneaker matching hoodies. Try not to direct all attention towards your shoes. Instead, wear unique colors and patterns to style the perfect mix. Experiment with everyday apparel like jeans, shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts to match your sneakers.

Modern Sports Sneakers

Pair modern sports sneakers with chinos or elastic cuff designs. While sportswear t-shirts are recommended, avoid wearing loose-fitted denim to perfect your style statement.

A woman wearing white sneakers outdoors

The Bottom Line

Sneakers can make you look stylish. Today, the sneaker industry produces eco-friendly sneakers with recyclable leather and foam. Therefore, you can wear sneakers to reflect you’re preference and personality.

Whether you wear sneakers to bars, offices, or even to dance parties, ensure you have the right clothing to match your favorite shoes. Match your sneakers with various dress styles such as casual wear, streetwear, party wear, hoodies, and sportswear.

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