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Long-Sleeve Shirts–The ’90s Layering Staple?

Wearing a long-sleeve shirt with a hoodie or jacket doesn’t just make something ‘cool’. The next best thing to do is pairing two shirts.

Here’s what you need to know:

What’s layering?

Layering is an intentional way of dressing, which takes skills to master and confidence to flaunt. This is one way to get the most out of your wardrobe; remember to always start with thinner materials and eventually work your way up without feeling too constrained. People prefer to layer in an attempt to reinvigorate their wardrobe, minus the expense. But layering is only for the top half — it isn’t something for the bottom half!

How’s Layering Done?

You could wear a short-sleeve shirt as an undershirt, but it would obviously get buried away under the long sleeve layer. So, you can reverse it to wear a long-sleeve shirt under your short sleeve shirt, which is the ultimate recipe for adding depth to your outfit.

A plain long-sleeve shirt works best with short sleeves, but there’s nothing to be afraid of when mixing colors or patterns into the equation for that extra pop.  Alternately, you can also try a shirt with graphics painted over the full-length sleeves for added visual interest.

Where’d Layering Come From?

Layering is a staple of the 90s that also made its way into the early 2000s for all the right reasons. From television stars to the common man, everybody was seen flaunting this style in their unique way. A long-sleeve shirt under a sweater vest was trending during this time. The outer layer was left roomy, but not baggy, to allow a long-sleeve shirt to shine through. Believe it or not, this silhouette was the pinnacle of all things comfort.

Why Make Room In Your Closet For Long-Sleeved Shirts?

Apart from being a fashionable staple, long-sleeve shirts offer a ton of other benefits that keep them from going out of style. They provide better coverage, keep the wearer cozy all day long, highlight the arms, don’t compromise comfort, and possess dual functions. They can be flaunted on their own (with shorts, skirts, and even jeans), or work as layering shirts.

A Casual Outfit

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