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How to Style Sneakers This Spring & Summer

Man do we love ourselves some sneakers — they’re versatile, stylish, breathable, comfortable, and supportive too! But you need a strategy for styling these footwear staples. Read ahead to find out:

A Good Enough Substitute for Heels and Flats

Are you tired of balancing pain with pleasure with stilettos? Sneakers are your go-to footwear for all of your dresses and skirts. Trade the heels and the flats for matching sneakers to ace that lax look that’s incredibly comfortable.

If you’re headed for the beach during the summers, there’s no denying that a pair of flip-flops will come in handy, but what about the days you don’t want sand between your toes? It’s also totally acceptable to rock your sneakers with a blazer for that ‘business, but make it casual’ look.

Take Athleisure to the Next Step

Yes, you heard that right — white sneakers are the easiest footwear for elevating all athleisure. White footwear makes for multi-faceted shoes — i.e., you can transform from day to night looks with them, and they’d blend right in. They’re also the perfect pair to toss into the suitcase while traveling with limited space for this very reason. A white pair of sneakers sounds daunting at first, considering they may accidentally get super dirty, but the fashion police swear upon this footwear complementing and completing just about every wardrobe.

If you’re feeling yourself up a little, add a bright pair of sneakers to your everyday sweats to look like your best self. You can also try coordinating your shirt with the footwear to add a touch of synchronization to the outfit — after all, the blue jeans, white shirt, and white sneakers outfit has stood the test of time well.

Create Contrast in a Monochrome Outfit

 Different styles of sneakers

This spring/summer collection is all about enjoying the matching moment with monochromatic loungewear. But, a single hue from head to toe is straight-up boring. Try adding a hint of contrast with your sneakers. However, if your outfit consists of prints that make it stand out as the focal point, go with neutral-colored footwear that doesn’t take its shine away. The same applies to the all denim vibe — throw in a plain pair of sneakers to break the singular color palate.

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