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How to Properly Wear and Style Air Jordan 1s

The Air Jordan 1 is one of the most iconic sneakers released by Michael Jordan. It became a popular silhouette ever since its release in 1985, blurring the lines between streetwear and sportswear. While many actors, musicians, fashion icons, and models have worn Air Jordan 1, almost all styled them differently. Check out our guide on how to style Air Jordan 1s, whether you're into high fashion, looking for a retro-fit, or are a streetwear fanatic.

Buy Jordan Match Outfits 

The best way to style Air Jordan 1s is by matching them with your outfit. Sneaker matching hoodies, tees, sweatshirts, etc., can help you create a stylish fit. Choose a pair of Air Jordan 1 with a unique pattern and color and match its color scheme with your outfit. Your style will ultimately be successful when the color matching is subtle and elegant.   

Let Your Jordan 1s Do The Talking

Opt for neutral or solid-colored outfits to make your Jordan 1s stand out. A simple black top with a pair of black jeans will make your sneakers more prominent. The neutral hues of white or black outfits can be paired with almost any pair of Jordans.

Try out the Classic Streetwear Style

Pair your Jordan 1s with classic streetwear style if you want an effective but simple fit. Streetwear style is suitable for various occasions and easy to assemble. Furthermore, the casual nature of Air Jordan 1s allows you to pair it with streetwear that fits perfectly. Match your favorite Air Jordans with a plain shirt and cargo pants, and layer the outfit with your college jacket to complete the streetwear style!

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Jordan 1 and High Fashion

Jordan 1 may be a vintage basketball shoe, but that doesn't mean you have to style it with sports or retro outfits only. Many celebrities and fashion icons have worn Jordan 1s with formal outfits and suits. Therefore, you can easily rock your sneakers with contemporary looks and high fashion.

Jordan 1 is a classic design, much like Nike Blazers and Air Force 1. However, nothing should keep you from pushing the boundaries and wearing them with some high fashion fits. Chose tailored trousers and suits to establish a whole new aesthetic.

Cropped Pants

Flex your sneakers with cropped pants to show off their beauty and glory. Wear slim joggers or shorts to rock your Air Jordan 1s. Joggers over jeans is also a great way to reflect your personal taste and style.

The Bottom Line

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