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How to Match Clothing for Women–Must-Know Styling Tips

Being a woman is easy, said no one ever. Matching clothes and getting them to look chic every day is a skill that’s nearly impossible to master. Lucky for you, we’ve curated a foolproof guide for our girlfriends to match their outfits perfectly:

Understanding the Color Math

There are primary colors, and then there are complementary colors. Yellow, red, and blue are primary colors, and all other colors are derived from a combination of the three. For example, orange, purple and green are all complementary colors formulated by mixing yellow and red, red and blue, and blue and yellow, respectively.

Remember, putting too many bright colors together will create a color assortment that’s just too much for the eyes. If you want something ultra-bright, aim to dress down with the color you’ve chosen. Primary colors that aren’t too bright are great for styling a monochrome outfit as they lengthen the body.

There are also analogous colors with hues very similar to one another, which can be merged to create a cohesive and harmonious look. For example, pink and red don’t go together, but when combined in an outfit and handled property, they look pretty stunning!

Why Mix and Match Clothing

Mixing and matching elements in your wardrobe will allow you to wear a diversified look even from a relatively small wardrobe. You can swap your evening wear pieces for daytime wear or vice versa. For example, metallic-colored outfits look very clean and appear to be very put together and polished, which is exactly what you need on a weekday that transforms into a fun night out.

You can also try to pair them with different forms of accessories (such as belts, bags, shoes, scarves, and jewelry) to refresh the look entirely. Just remember that good outfits aren’t created on their own, so you’re going to have to set aside time to put on your creative cap and curate an outfit that elevates your sense of style.

Secondly, you must always have a handful of neutral-colored bottoms in your wardrobe—it might seem basic, but when executed correctly, you’ll appear chic and modern! Don’t compromise comfort in an attempt to become the mixing and matching goddess on day one—the last thing you want to do is not feel like yourself.  

An all-black clothing wardrobe

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