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Approved For 2022 — get Bella Hadid's Red Sneaker Look

2022 is about the craziest fashion trends.

Bella Hadid's latest Paris Fashion Week look got a lot of attention. However, what most people focused on from Hadid's attire were her tomato red Adidas Sneakers. Once again, the famous model proved that fashion knows no boundaries and that red sneakers are the best things for all sneakerheads to stay at the top of their game in 2022.

Adidas, New Balance, and Nike

Hadid's chic style often represents the early 2000s grunge looks and aesthetics when it comes to fashion. She often wears sneakers from famous brands like Nike, New Balance, and Adidas, with other trendy styles such as Yeezy Foam Runners.

The model is recently gaining more popularity by hard-launching sneaker trends, wearing at least three different Adidas sneakers, including a classic pair by a soccer player and an all-red sneaker style. Regardless of the design, Bella Hadid has always managed to make any sneaker look fresh and all the more essential to her grunge look.

Inspiration for Sneakerheads

A person stepping up the stairs, wearing red Nike sneakers.

You don't necessarily have to match Bella Hadid's daring look as a sneakerhead. Whether you want to buy spring shoes or need a simple design to match your everyday outfits, the model has inspired all sneakerheads with her various sneakers. Now's the time to expand your sneaker collection and try new designs that you don't typically go for.

If you're looking for a more classic sneaker design, try out Hadid's most appreciated classics in the sneaker world. Despite her love for Adidas, the supermodel's most trusted brand has to be Sambas. The iconic design of Samba shoes will help you stay fashionable and stylish easily.

If you wish to follow Hadid's latest sneaker trend, you can get the look by buying the following designs:

  • Adidas Forum Bold Platform Sneaker
  • Adidas Red Stripe Superstar Sneaker
  • Nike Air Huarache Sneaker
  • Gabor Red Sneaker
  • Veja x Rick Owens Performance Running Shoe
Clothing for Sneakerheads

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