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A Few Rules for Wearing a T-Shirt with a Blazer

If you're going to dress up with a blazer, it's best to keep your Jordan match t-shirt on. Even if it does spark a debate amongst the fashionable people, it can still give a splendid overall outlook. We're in the camp that believes that a t-shirt and a blazer are perfect for attire.

There are many reasons why a t-shirt and a blazer can replace a typical button-up under a suit jacket. Casual attire is the first thing you would notice about this look. An undone button-up may look relaxing and laid-back, but a t-shirt and a blazer exude an entirely different type of laid-back energy. It has a more athletic feel and is also wearable at workplaces.

Here are some essential rules to follow when wearing a t-shirt with a blazer:

1. T-Shirt Neck

A crew neck is preferable over a V-neck if you want to appear refined. You'll be less douchey and more respectable. You can loosen the neck fitting of your t-shirt by tugging on it a bit.

There's something about a plain T-shirt that works so well with a blazer. Investing in a basic T-shirt and blazer will elevate your outfit in an instant. Make sure that the blazer's color matches the tee you're wearing. What works best is a simple white t-shirt, which is affordable and graceful. This is a matter of personal preference, and there is no wrong answer.

2. T-shirt fitting

Do not tighten up your t-shirt. Make sure it's not too tight, but don't go overboard with the slouchy style. Make it appear hip and easy by combining these two items. You'll look foolish if you're wearing a tight tee because it makes you look like you're trying too hard and are ready to show off your gym gains. Everyone despises a showboat.

A plain white, loose t-shirt looks much better on a blazer

3. Graphics and Patterns

Graphics, patterns, logos, and anything else that's too obnoxious to wear with this clothing will mess things up. Wearing anything like this under your blazer will spoil the edge you're striving for and make you look out of place because it's absolutely for casual wear.

Graphic tees can wait until another day. It's almost more instructive to discuss what not to wear regarding fashion. Avoid using bold or contrasting colors, and excessively bright designs. Don't even consider wearing a t-shirt with a humorous or sarcastic design. Choose a plain colour or a thin stripe for extra security.

4. Where To Wear?

A blazer and t-shirt ensemble is appropriate for family gatherings, weekend dinners, a casual date, a vacation lunch at your resort, workplaces for women, or airport transport.

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