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How to Style the Air Jordan 1

The Air Jordan 1 has been a much sought-after classic since its original release in 1985. If you find yourself lucky enough to have a pair of Jordans, new edition or vintage, then don't take them for granted. With great sneakers comes great responsibility: to uphold the reputation of sneakerheads everywhere, that is. That means meticulous upkeep and maintenance and making sure you shop for sneakerhead clothing too.

If you're still a beginner when it comes to sneakers, then this blog post by SNKADX is a great help for choosing your first pair.

However, when you have the collection down, don't let yourself slip when it comes to styling them.

The increase of sneaker fans and the induction of athletic footwear into high-end fashion have created a market for sneaker match clothing. That means that to be a true sneakerhead, your wardrobe, at least in part, has to serve your favorite shoes while helping you serve looks.

The popularity of sneakerhead clothing and the appreciation for the shoes themselves make sense when one considers that by wearing them (Jordans); you're walking in the shoes of one of the greatests. Originally designed for the basketball star, these shoes spotlight functionality, and comfort. The fact that they're incredibly stylish is just a bonus point.

No matter how you choose to wear your sneakers, make sure you include your style in the look. The best part about these shoes is that with over thirty-five editions, there tends to be something for everyone. Just because you're serving the sneakerhead community doesn't mean you shouldn't do it your way.

Here are a few looks to get you started on your Jordan match outfits:

The Homage

As aforementioned, these are high-quality athletic shoes. So let's start with some sporty looks:

Jordan's Own

A sleeveless basketball jersey, loose shorts in the same color, and long Nike socks will have you looking classy. Nevertheless, be warned, this isn't the most multifunctional of looks. It'll be fine to walk the streets in, but you won't exactly be welcome at a fine-dining establishment. Then again, when you look like an actual superstar, fast food is enough, isn't it?

Finish the look with black-rimmed sunglasses in an aviator style.

Loose Tee and Shorts

Go relaxed, but still ready to move with a long-sleeved sneaker match tee and sports shorts in a solid color. An understated but complete look, it's perfect for a day that may or may not include shooting a few hoops.

To give it a unique look, go for a pair of silver-rimmed, round sunglasses.

Bike Shorts and a Sweatshirt

You'll still get disapproving looks from the maître d' if you head to a luxurious dinner in this outfit, but you'll look iconic and be ridiculously comfortable. Choose a sneaker match sweatshirt and wear it over bike shorts in the same color. We recommend dressing this look up with chunky metallic jewelry, but only one or two pieces. It'll still be multifunctional, but more on the leisurely end of athleisure.

To dress it up, add a pair of cat-eye sunglasses

A Slouchy Sweatshirt, But With Leather

Here's a look no one will mistake for a sports one. Start with your favorite sneaker sweatshirts for women, and the Jordans to match. Then here's where it gets interesting. Add in a black leather miniskirt. This will work with a cropped sweatshirt or a long one. Put your hair up in a ponytail, and if the colors allow for it, go even bolder with some bright red lipstick. Who said sneakers couldn't be feminine? With this look, you manage to highlight your shoes, while still looking enviably fashionable.

If you're not down with the lipstick, finish it with neon-rimmed square sunglasses, or a silky beret.

Jordans that go with sneakers match clothing for women

From Lounging to Mingling

This look is comfortable forward.  When you shop for sneakerhead clothing, look for a long-sleeved Tee. Order it in a size that's just a little bit big for you, and pair it with some baggy sweats that cinch at the ankle. Don't bother to roll up the sleeves or the bottoms, let them gather around your ankles and wrists. Don't let the loose-fitting clothes force you to go casual; this look can be dressed up just as easily.

The perfect complement to this look is a nice fanny pack in a contrasting color. Kill two birds with one stone but add some shape to your oversized look, while keeping in line with the theme of all things chunky. Depending on what you're working with, go for a solid color.

We think retro-skinny sunglasses, maybe in a novelty shape would look great with this look, but that would depend on where you're wearing your sneakerhead clothing. Alternatively, on how bold you're prepared to be.

Jordans to Match Outfits

Bring Basic Back to Vogue

Sure, it's been done before, but when does the all-black look get old? The answer is never—especially when you embellish with Jordan matching shirts. Start with a knitwear full-sleeve black sweater and slim-fitting sweatpants, also in plain black. Then choose a short-sleeved baggy shirt and wear it over it. Of course, this T-shirt, and your Jordans will be the only non-black elements of your outfit, because needless to say, you'll be wearing ankle socks.

This look leaves a lot of space for personal embellishments. Go for a straw hat, a bow on your head, or a brightly colored statement watch—the possibilities are endless.

Grey Air Jordan shoe

We recommend chunky, square, silver-rimmed sunglasses for this look.

If you're excited to try out these looks, make sure you keep the shoes you own in mind as you shop for sneakerhead clothing.  But don't be afraid to experiment with clothing to match Jordans. SNKADX is a great source for sneaker match sweatshirts and sneaker match tees for men and women. We've got our collection organized by shoe, so whether you're curating a particular sneaker, or just prepping for upcoming sneaker release dates, we've got you covered. Browse our collection and see for yourself!

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